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RI Criminal Defense Lawyer James E. Smith, represents those charged with committing crimes in every county in Rhode Island. No matter how serious or slight, RI Criminal Defense Lawyer, James E. Smith will provide zealous and skilled representation and is singularly focused on defending YOU! I am a staunch believer in our rights and vigorously defend our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

As an experienced RI Criminal Defense Lawyer, I am committed to defending those who have been arrested, charged or even contacted by the police. I provide clients with the most vigorous, zealous and skilled legal representation by employing the very best legal strategy. We're dedicated to obtaining the best possible outcome of each case for each client.

If you have been arrested, contacted or charged by the police, contact RI Criminal Defense Lawyer, James E. Smith as soon as possible.

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A Note About Legal Fees

RI Criminal Defense Lawyer, James E. Smith provides excellent legal services at reasonable fees for criminal defense in RI. All fees are covered by, and clients must sign a Legal Fee Agreement. Generally, flat fees are paid for representation on criminal charges. Legal fees differ with the circumstances of each case and terms of the relationship are subject to and defined by the Legal Fee Agreement.

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Licensed to practice law in the states of Rhode Island, New York and The United States District Court for the District of Rhode Island

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