Bristol RI Criminal Defense and DUI Lawyer James E. Smith is a highly skilled and experienced RI Criminal Defense Lawyer. I have defended a number of clients who have been charged with RI DUI and RI DUI related offenses. If you've been arrested for an RI DUI, call me right away, or as soon as possible. My 24/7 mobile number is 401-649-0335.

RI DUI is a complicated system of laws and those who are convicted of the RI DUI criminal charge face possible jail time, revocation of your RI driving privileges, RI DUI school, community service and significant court costs and fines - and this is just the beginning! Let's face it, losing your license to drive in RI can be very inconvenient because we rely on it so much in RI. Also, being convicted of an RI DUI creates an RI criminal record. That stays with you and can impact your job, potential new employment and may have a negative impact on your credit worthiness. Again, call any time. I provide competitive fees, a free consultation and I will remain singularly focused on obtaining the best possible disposition for YOU!


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Licensed to practice law in the states of Rhode Island, New York and The United States District Court for the District of Rhode Island

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